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Online healing consultation services
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Visionaries of Oneness

Welcome to the web page of Visionaries of Oneness. Through healing videos, books, healing meditations and healing consultations, shares Divine wisdom to guide everyone that chooses to experience life in Oneness.

Anyone can experience any dream in a magical, synchronized and in a perfect way, it is a choice. The creative power is within the self, once it realizes its true identity and wakes up from the virtual reality of separation, where there is no limitations.


Lead open minds to experience existence with unlimited possibilities in Oneness to enjoy Divine Abundance: pleasing experiences, tranquility, joy, health, wealth, wisdom and a fulfilling life.

In Oneness

The self chooses to experience creation at will as one with Divinity, it is the state of love.

In Separation

The self chooses to experience creation at will in self-intelligence, it is the state of fear.


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Transforming my Life in Oneness

The truth revealed


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Healing consultation in Oneness

Now is all there is

Creating your own Destiny