Transforming my Life in Oneness


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10:00 am

Healing Video

This transformative Healing Video will expand self-awareness to see how the realities that are experienced now take form, in order to make the changes to live the life that fulfill existence.

Through a journey of healings in Oneness, the new realities will take place, experiencing Divine abundance (love, peace, happiness, harmony, health, wealth, wisdom and a fulfilling life).


1-Who am I?

  • Divinity
  • Creation
  • Celestial body
  • The book of the soul
  • The mirror effect
  • Cosmos
  • Ethereal and Physical bodies
  • How I got to be here now in this body?
  • Where do I go after my Physical body dies?
  • Other existences


2- Reviewing from where my present realities are formed?

  • Who do I listen to?
  • Who and how my choices are controlled?
  • My Earth journey, how it plays out?
  • How I free myself?


3- Reviewing my life journey

  • Meditation


4- Divine healing: a transformational healing prayer

  • Preparing myself to be healed
  • How the prayer works?
  • Prayer
  • Divine healing


5- Choosing my new realities

  • How manifestation is experienced in Oneness?
  • How is the process until I have it in Oneness?
  • Choosing my new realities
  • Getting ready to present my choices to Divinity
  • Announcement and commitment
  • Prayer
  • Announcing my choices
  • Divine healing
Total Seats: 1000

Event Schedule Details

  • 09/25/2020 10:00 am - 11:30 am
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